• How the work-from-home explosion that started in early 2020 is driving the need to secure remote access

  • Security Challenges With a Remote Workforce

  • Specific threats targeting users, devices, and remote access services


The Essential Guide to Securing Remote Access

Download our guide to learn how to secure remote access, mitigate attacks, and ensure only trusted users and devices can access your data. You will learn how zero-trust security can help mitigate these attacks by ensuring only trusted users and secure devices can access your applications and services.

Remote access is the new normal, so this guide is for any organization where remote access happens. 


  • How a modern-holistic approach to securing remote access can help mitigate risks

  • Security concerns with third-party providers and cloud access

  • How Duo can help establish trust in
    users and secure your distributed workforce

Download The Essential Guide to Securing Remote Access