Has encryption made your current firewall irrelevant?

Over 90% of traffic on most networks is encrypted and it passes through the average firewall completely unfiltered. This is not due to a lack of desire to inspect it. Rather, it’s because most firewalls simply aren’t up to the task. 

The rapid increase in encrypted network traffic coupled with the inability of most nextgen firewalls to inspect this traffic has created a perfect storm in network security.

This Whitepaper Covers:

  • Has Encryption Rendered Your Firewall Irrelevant?
  • Five TLS Inspection Capabilities you Need in Your Next Firewall
  • Threats Hiding in Encrypted Traffic
  • Five Things to Look for in Your Next Firewall

Read this paper to learn about how encryption has made most next-gen firewalls irrelevant, the challenges with TSL inspection, and the five SSL inspection capabilities you need to close this security gap.

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