Understanding the Scope & Sophistication of a Threat

The sophistication of many of these efforts has evolved to the point where cybercriminals provide their victims with live customer support that walks them through the processes to remit payment as well as regain access to their data and IT systems.

Gain insights to what Ransomware is and how it works and it how with advanced models utilizing a cohesive layered security with proactive threat intelligence can help to increase your ability to counter these. Pick up the 5 five simple tips that can help your enterprise counter the onslaught of Ransomware attacks.

Facts & Statistics Pulled:

  • Ransomware infected 30K to 50K devices monthly
  • 97% of phishing emails now deliver ransomware
  • Ransomware is underreported. Fewer than 1 in 4 report the attack
  • 63%
    of organizations experienced
    business-threatening downtime