With Meraki access points, switches, and endpoint management, the BPL team no longer needs to spend the majority of their time troubleshooting and monitoring the network. The Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) is now able to focus on the experience of their consumers. The BPL offers various products, programs and facilities for Brooklyn residents to use for all their needs. Some programs offered are:  technology assistance, free meeting rooms, robotics league for kids and teens, and classes for job readiness, computer skills and many more. All of these programs are creating a thriving community for Brooklyn residents to take part in, and would not be possible without the reliable endpoint management and wireless
access provided by Meraki.


  • Deployed Meraki access points and switches at all 59 branches
  • Control library-owned devices with Meraki endpoint management
  • IT team and staff can focus on offering the best experiences for visitors

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