10 myth busters for SMB cybersecurity

We know and understand SMBs across the world are facing unprecedented challenges in their operations. Get the latest report on how small businesses are tackling cybersecurity challenges and how their efforts compare to those in larger organizations. 

In this report Cisco will explore 10 myths that exist around cybersecurity for small businesses. 

One example would be that small and large businesses have different types of threats. Cisco has compared the types of attacks that SMBs and large enterprises reported they’ve experienced in the past year, and how much downtime was caused. Many threats don’t discriminate by size of business. Threats affect organizations indiscriminately, no matter what their size.

A few statistics from the report:
  • Seventy-two percent have employees dedicated to threat hunting, compared to 76 percentage of large organizations
  • Fifty-six percent have a daily or weekly patch routine, compared to 58 percent of large organizations

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