With new technologies being developed and old technologies being updated, it is important to stay updated on the types of threats becoming more prominent. With increasing automation in regards to all industries, cyber-attacks are too becoming automated and therefore can be more stealthy and strike at the perfect time.

This guide explains foreseeable threats, why they are serious issues, and some steps that can be implemented to prepare for their rising frequency. 

Some highlighted topics from the guide:

  • Ransomware Attackers Raise Stakes
  • New Mobile Malware Trends 
  • Cloud Security and its biggest problems 
  • Attacks against machine learning malware detectors 
  • How to prepare for the future with increasing automation for offense and defensive attacks 

This whitepaper will explain the imminent and foreseeable threats that there are in store for 2020, as well as what can be done to prepare for and combat them.

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